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Brisbane Flight Charter flies weekly contracted Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) passengers from Archerfield, Brisbane, Redcliffe and the Gold Coast to NSW and Queensland locations.  We provide air transport services for a variety of industries including: mining, drilling transport industries, medical personnel and construction.  As a FIFO air provider we are very aware of Covid safe practices and our pilots are fully immunized.

To be excellent at FIFO  you need to provide:

Reliability – At Brisbane Flight Charter its not just about having reliable aircraft, that is a given for any flight, but all aspects of the companies operations. Reliability includes using pilots you can trust to provide excellent service.  Knowing that when you call we will respond efficiently to you inquiry.

On time departures – The old adage “Time is money” could not be more true than having your crew waiting around for flights.  A dedicated FIFO flight means they leave from a GA terminal so no security hassles, the atmosphere is relaxed.  The time from arriving at the departure point to leaving is minimal and as a bonus no lost luggage.

Local airports – Reduce travel time to the job by using smaller airstrips closer to the job.

Adaptability – In theory a regular FIFO flight should be the same each time but we know and understand that every flight is not the same.  Communication is the key to being adaptable and providing the best service for the client.

Professional – FIFO also means paperwork – contracts, manifests and invoicing, correctly provided and in a timely manner.  What happens on the ground is just as important as what is going on in the air each week for the smooth running of a FIFO service.

Call us to discuss your FIFO needs – 0407059285 or drop us a line.


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