what to pack for airtour


What to pack for the outback

Here are our hot tips for packing for your lake eyre Airtours! 

All of our outback tours are in winter, so think warm days and cold nights. 

Start with a lightweight, soft-sided duffle bag and a tote bag or small camera bag. 

You only have 10 kg, so do not waste it on a heavy bag! Something like this pocket duffle is ideal durable, but light! 
Then you will need a day pack, again light and small. Something you are happy to have on your lap with your inflight essentials (aka camera!) 

duffle bag


Pack light layers

Now add in your base layers! 

Lightweight layers that are breathable and comfortable are essential! We recommend 

  • 3 pairs of shorts, leggings, hiking pants, light trousers (mix and match depending on how cold-blooded you are and what is most comfortable to you.) 
  • 3 t-shirts (breathable material) 
  • 6 underwear (a few bras for us girls!) 
  • 3-6 Socks (if you plan on wearing adventure sandals you can bring less) 
  • 1 pair of jeans or slacks (good for going to the pub) 
  • 1 sweater or long sleeve button up 
  • PJs or thermal set (again depending on your cold blooded-ness) 


A Jacket! 

It is winter out here, and the desert gets cold at night. Especially if you plan on doing some star photography at William’s creek! 

A good lightweight puffer is ideal, makes a good plane pillow too. Or a light windbreaker can be just as effective. 

walking shoes

Now place next to your bag (as they will go on your feet), Walking shoes!

Any comfortable shoes will do–think well worn-in sneakers, trainers, hiking boots, boots, walking shoes, etc. If you have space and weight, a pair of adventure sandals come in handy. 

sun protection

Sun safe! So grab those wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. 

If you need prescription glasses or contacts make a note to put those in too. The pictures of outback flies are no joke, so a fly screen or fly cream can be a great add-in! 


Definitely going to want to bring a camera to capture those epic aerial views of the Simpson desert, lake eyre and flinders range. 

We will be doing another post on camera equipment and how to get the best shots in the sky, but for now, just make sure you have your camera charger, spare batteries and plenty of memory cards. 

Bring your medications

Pack medications and personal items in a light bag. 

Medications, personal items like tampons or contacts, lip balm, moisturiser can go in a little plastic bag or lightweight travel case. If you are travelling on our spring flight, insect repellent is a good idea! 

Okay now jump on the scale and weigh your bags! Hopefully, you are still under 10kg! Full List below! 

Outback Packing List