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Booking a private charter flight

A private charter flights starts and ends with you the passenger.  You are the reason we are flying so you have our full attention.  From the booking, where we fully detail what you are wanting from your flight, to the transport should you need it at the other end, we aim to make the process easy.

Why book a private charter flight?

  • Convenience – Leave when you want to go, no airline schedules.
  • Time saving – Use smaller runways closer to you, outback runways are a specialty of ours.  Private charters save on the time you spend getting to the airport and the cost of transport.
  • Connections are easy – Need to connect to a domestic or international flight? No worries we will get you there.
  • Privacy
  • Passengers of your choice – It’s your flight so only those passengers you choose get to come with you.  With a private charter you are booking the whole plane not just a seat.
  • Stop as many times as you like – Multiple stops because you want to visit the sights or have meetings at various locations along the way.  You create your own schedule.
  • Bring your pets
  • Miss the airport hassle – Access to private charter terminals and alternate airports means you avoid the hustle and bustle of busy airports and the queues through security.
  • Comfortable, safe and secure
  • Pick your own catering
  • Follow your flight – IFR flights can be followed by apps such as Flight Aware
  • Just because – It’s an important occasion and I want to do something special.

Call to book your flight with us today

Within Australia: 0407 059 285
From Overseas: +61 407 059 285

Traveling with Pets

Dog with packed bag - Private charter


Dogs and cats are welcome on our flights but will need to be restrained with a suitable harness and seat belt attachment or placed in a pet travel crate.  For their safety, your pet must be securely on a lead when anywhere on an aerodrome.

Do any of the below apply to your pet?

  • – I’m unsure how my pet will react to plane travel,
  • – My pet is aggressive, particularly to strangers or if stressed,
  • – I know my pet does not handle car travel well.

If you answer yes to any of the above we will require that your pet be crated for the duration of the flight.  A web search will give you recommendations for the appropriate crate size. Crates must be completely lined with a pet pee pad.  Aggressive animals or animal breeds will be required to wear a muzzle when walking in public.

The crate, seat belt attachment, harness, muzzle and pee pad are to be supplied by the owner of the pet.  We recommend giving us a call prior to the flight to go through your pet options.

For noise reduction we recommend Mutt Muffs for your dog.