Dog with packed bag - Private pet air charter

We own pets too, so we know how precious your fur babies are and we want to assure you they have our attention.  With a private pet air charter there is no waiting around like in commercial flights.  Our planes are air conditioned for comfort.  Pets are not placed in the cargo hold.

If traveling with you, your pets are welcome on our flights but will need to be restrained with a suitable harness and seat belt attachment or placed in a pet travel crate.  For their safety, your pet must be securely on a lead when anywhere on an aerodrome. Aggressive pets or aggressive animal breeds will be required to wear a muzzle when walking in public.  If traveling alone pets must be crated during the pet air charter.

Do any of the below apply to your pet?

  • I’m unsure how my pet will react to plane travel,
  • My pet is aggressive, particularly to strangers or if stressed,
  • I know my pet does not handle car travel well.

If you answer yes to any of the above we will require that your pet be crated for the duration of the flight.  A web search will give you recommendations for the appropriate crate size for your animal. Crates must be completely lined with a pet pee pad.  The crate, seat belt attachment, harness, muzzle and pee pad are to be supplied by the owner of the pet.  We recommend giving us a call prior to the flight to go through your pet options.

For noise reduction we recommend Mutt Muffs for your dog.

Other animal types  Contact us for more information.

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