Piper Chieftain

Brisbane Flight Charter - Our Aircraft

Aircraft Model:  PA31-350

Aircraft Registration:  VH-RPV

  • Passengers:  9 or 8 if two pilots required.
  • Seats in Club configuration
  • Payload W/Full Fuel:  650 Kg
  • Max Payload:  1145 Kg
  • Total Load Volume:  4 m³
  • Maximum Range:  1870 Km
  • Normal cruise speed: 323 Km/Hr
  • Twin piston engines
  • The Chieftain is a non pressurised aircraft therefor has a flying altitude limit of 10,000ft.
  • Air Conditioned
  • Baggage:  10kg per person, soft bags preferred

Piper Seneca

Our Aircraft Piper Seneca at Archerfield

Aircraft Model:  PA34-220T

Aircraft Registration:  VH-YSA

  • Passengers:  5 with one pilot
  • Max Payload:  524 Kg
  • Twin piston engines
  • Non pressurised
  • Max range:  1639 Km
  • Normal cruise speed:  370 Km/Hr
  • Baggage:  10kg per person, soft bags preferred
  • The Piper Seneca aircraft is perfect for short hauls with only a few passengers

Beech Aircraft King Air

Beechcraft King Air 200

Aircraft Model:  King Air 200

Aircraft Registration:  VH-FAQ

  • Passengers:  9 or 8 if 2 pilots
  • Seats in Club configuration
  • Max Payload:  990kg
  • Total Load Volume:  8 m3
  • Maximum Range:  2400Km with 9 passengers.  Small loads to 2900Km
  • Normal cruise speed:  550Km/Hr
  • Twin Turboprop engines
  • Pressurized and Air Conditioned
  • Baggage:  10-15kg per person, soft bags preferred.

The right plane for the job

While we love to fly our own planes, we believe in giving you the right plane for your job even if we don’t own it.  We have a select list of operators who can supply any plane you may require and share our passion for safety and performance reliability.  Not seeing the aircraft you want?  Contact Us so we can secure the plane that is right for your flight requirements. Other aircraft we often use include: Aerostar 600, King Air B200, Piper Seneca, Piper Navajo, Moonie and Cessna 182. Need a jet we can do that too.

Brisbane Flight Charter is the trading name of Actas Pty. Ltd.  Charter Aircraft in use are operated by Actas Pty Ltd.

Our planes are serviced by the experienced team of aeronautical professionals at Flight Maintenance Australia Pty Ltd.

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